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“Winning Systems jumped in during an extreme state and federal funding crisis. They spent the time to develop and execute an immediate action plan. With the help of WS, we were able to create a strong message, an effective support system and reinstate our funding.”

- Dr. Dan Lustig
 President & CEO
 Haymarket Center
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Our Commitment

What you can expect from Winning Systems:

  • Commitment to provide innovative strategic plans and program support to help not-for-profit organizations achieve their missions.
  • Provide outstanding personal service.
  • Dedicate ourselves to understanding your organization.
  • Work passionately to help you achieve your mission.
  • Ensure that you have successful events and impactful communication materials.
  • Open doors to the best sources of corporate, state, federal and private funding.
  • Gain awareness by establishing your brand and communicating your mission to your target audiences.
  • Assist in structuring your organization for maximum efficiency.
  • Measure the results of your programs and financial campaigns.

What we expect from you:

  • Accessibility to appropriate people and information.
  • Provide ongoing constructive feedback.
  • Keep us informed of developments within your organization.
  • Responsiveness to our requests.
  • Realistic time parameters to accomplish our tasks.
  • Trust and respect of the knowledge and experience our team brings.

Unstoppable team

With a relationship built on this type of foundation – filled with mutual respect, trust and consistent communication, your Winning Systems team will be totally committed to helping you achieve your mission.

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